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interesting thing in Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar

Navigasi Game - Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar is the eighth Harvest Moon Game released on the Nintendo DS console, as the name suggests Bazaar. possible players will sell in the Bazaar area. This game was released in 2008.

In Japan this game is called Bokujō Monogatari: Yōkoso! Kaze no Bazāru e, As for the American version of this game called Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar, this game was released by Natsume Inc, and was developed by Marvelous Entertainment Inc.

Introduction Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar

Zephyr Town is the largest and most populous city for its Bazaar. Visitors come from outside in droves to enter the Bazaar in Zephyr Town, but unfortunately the Bazaar has gone bankrupt and now there are very few visitors who enter the Zephyr Town Bazaar.

You just moved to Zephyr Town and now live on a farm, and hopefully, with your hard work, you can bring the once lonely Bazaar back to being busier by completing Goal Goal while selling at the Bazaar.

Features The newest features in Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar:

  • Windmills can be used to combine ingredients, or they can upgrade equipment
  • There is no Shipping Bin, so just sell it at the Bazaar. 
  • There are 3 new Festivals. 
  • Can race horses Catching Insects Don't step on the plants! later the quality will go down And many more!

Getting Married In Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar

One of the features that Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar has is getting married. Like in other Harvest Moon series, you can get married in Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar. There are 5 Candidates, both Men and Women who can be married in Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar.

Women Who Can Be Married:


Antoinette is a girl who is very serious, independent and firm in her stance, one day she said she wanted to be a mayor.


Daisy is a cleaner who works at the hotel with Stuart and Ethel, she is a very diligent girl. 


Emiko is a special girl who can be married, she is a mysterious girl and comes from the waterfall area. 


Like Antoinette, Freya is also very independent type girl and very serious, she works out of town. 


Sherry is the daughter of Mayor Felix, she is very friendly to people and many people like Sherry.

Men Who Can Be Married


Amir is a traveler and lives in hotels. 


Angelo is an artist or artist, he often creates paintings and sculptures. 


Dirk is Ivan's brother, and he often helps people like Joan in his cafe. 


Ivan is Dirk's brother, he is very serious and often teaches lessons to the children in town. 


Lloyd is a Salesman by profession, he often participates in the Bazaar.

Requirements for Marriage 

Requirements for getting married in Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar has its own conditions. Here are the conditions for getting married in Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar.

How to Get a Big Bed

 Yep, the provisions in Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar are to get a Big Bed, like most other Harvest Moon, in Harvest Moon you also have to get a Big Bed. To get a Big Bed, you can buy it at the Bazaar for 10,000 G at the Flowing Furniture shop.

The Heart Should Be Red 

Of course to get married in Harvest Moon, the couple who are going to marry their hearts must be red, to further accelerate the change in the partner's heart, you have to give their own favorite items, the more you always give their favorite gifts the quicker they will turn their hearts red, and you also have to complete the Heart Event.

Must Be Friends With Certain People 
The couples I will mention below are the people you must accompany / must be friends with:
  • Daisy: You have to be friends with Stuart and Ethel 
  • Antoinette: You have to be friends with his father, Claude. 
  • Dirk: Must be friends with Ivan. Ivan: Must be friends with Dirk 
  • Lloyd: Must be friends with Sherry and Felix. 
  • Sherry: Must be friends with Felix and Lloyd.

There are five locations that can be used to fish in between: 

  1. Zephyr Cafe 
  2. Raul Shop 
  3. Waterfall 
  4. The Grinding Windmills 
  5. Manufacturing Windmills 

The fishing rod was first given by Felix on the 2nd of Summer, the fishing rod he gave was very short and could only catch a few fish. Here's how to get a fishing rod:

  1. Medium Fishing Rod: Can be found at the Bazaar, buy it at Felix's shop, for 3000 G during the second year. 
  2. Long Fishing Rod: Buy it at Felix in Year 4 for 6000 G.

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