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why shouldn't we hate gabi

Navigasi Game - Gabi is hated by Attack on Titan fans for killing Sasha. Do you agree on a number of reasons below?

In episode eight of Attack on Titan season 4, loyal fans of the Hajime Isayama anime are presented with a very sad moment. You see, the figure of Sasha Braus who is the source of the comedy of the anime was shot dead in that episode. The figure who killed Sasha was Gabi Braun who became one of the new characters in the fourth season of the anime.

Even though it only exists in the anime, Gabi's actions immediately invite anger among fans after the episode airs. This can be seen from the large amount of content on a number of social media platforms that contains blasphemy against his cousin Reiner Braun. However, there are actually a number of reasons why Gabi doesn't deserve excessive hatred.

Below Gnotif will discuss a number of reasons why Gabi Braun should not be hated on Attack on Titan

1. Female version of Eren

Whether you know it or not, Gabi Braun is the female version of Eren Yeager as a child. This is because there are so many similarities that both of them have. Starting from seeing his residence destroyed, the people he loved tragically died, and his attitude was very reckless and also temperamental.

After a number of bad events happened to them, both of them immediately intended to take revenge against their enemy. In this case, the enemy figure in question is a Titan for Eren and the Paradis Island community for Gabi. Even so, Gabi was able to immediately get his revenge by killing Sasha, while Eren was only able to do so after entering the Survey Corps.

In the fourth season of the anime, Eren can be said to have succeeded in getting his revenge in a way that is actually more sadistic than Gabi. However, he didn't get blasphemed by his anime fans like Gabi. One of the factors is that Eren is depicted as the protagonist of the anime, while Gabi in the fourth season can be called the "enemy" of the main character.

In fact, the actions of the two of them could be said to be very similar. Then, if the anime plot is reversed and focuses more on Gabi as the main character, you will certainly side more with the girl, not Eren. Hence, it's a bit strange if fans hate Gabi's actions, but not for Eren's behavior.

2. An innocent child who gets war propaganda

In the anime Attack on Titan, all the countries in it are told in a state of emergency war between one another. Just like in the real world, the government of a country certainly creates propaganda to make a nation whose enemies are bad and scary in the eyes of their people. This is what Marley's country did that vilified the Eldia on Paradis Island.

The propaganda that the people on Paradis Island are "demons" has also been implanted by the Marley government in the community from an early age and has become part of the lessons at school. 12 year old Gabi Braun was one of the innocent little kids in Marley who was brainwashed by the propaganda. Moreover, he is also part of the Warrior Unit which is Marley's elite troop.

So, it's not surprising that when Eren and the Survey Corps members attacked Marley, Gabi immediately saw them as dangerous enemies and the incarnation of a devil. In fact, Gabi and all the people on Paradis Island come from the same race, namely Eldia.

3. People Always Die in War Situations

As previously discussed, all countries in the Attack on Titan anime are in a state of war emergency. In a war, of course there are parties who win or lose. Not only that, every time a war occurs, there must be casualties from both parties involved in the fighting, whether it is members of the military or just ordinary people.

You must also be aware that in the latest episodes of Attack on Titan, we are shown the war situation between the Survey Corps and Marley's military. Therefore, the number of casualties that result from this becomes a "natural" thing because basically you are in a situation of war.

Likewise, Gabi shot Sasha as a form of revenge for his enemy for destroying his residence and killing those closest to him. So, Gabi's actions should also be justified because they happened in a war situation, not just killing for no reason. After all, Gabi is also a member of the Warrior Unit, so she has a duty to protect her birthplace.

4. Do not know the true historical facts

Still related to point number two, Gabi has already been brainwashed by Marley's propaganda saying that the people of Paradis Island are demons. In fact, propaganda is generally nonsense made by the government so that the people fear or even hate the enemies of their country. Propaganda is sometimes made by mixing original history with fiction.

In its original history, the Tybur family and King Karl Fritz who were the Eldians worked together to make Marleyan win in the Great Titan War which took place hundreds of years ago. This happened because Karl Fritz was actually fed up with the behavior of Elders who liked war and disturbed the peace of other mankind.

King Karl Fritz also brought some of the Eldians to Paradis Island to avoid continuing conflicts with the Marleyans. Karl Fritz even erased the memory of war and the outside world from his people so that they could live peacefully on Paradis Island. Of course, if Gabi who is an Eldian knows the true history, he will actually side more with the people of Paradis Island.

5. Sasha's death is not entirely Gabi's fault

Maybe there are still many of you who think that the death of Sasha Braus in episode eight of the anime Attack on Titan season 4 is entirely Gabi's fault. In fact, Sasha's death was actually caused by Eren Yeager who attacked Marley with the help of the Survey Corps. If she hadn't done that, Sasha wouldn't have had to go to Marley and die.

After all, Eren had basically carried out the attack of his own accord and was initially unknown to his colleagues in the Survey Corps at all. In fact, if you could say all the Survey Corps members condemned Eren's reckless actions. You see, in the manga version it is explained that Paradis Island is trying to build relations with other countries, not start a war.

Then, the evidence that Sasha's death was not entirely Gabi's fault was also confirmed at the end of the episode. You see, Jean told Eren that Sasha died because he involved the Survey Corps in the attack. So, anime fans shouldn't really hate Gabi just because Sasha died, because it's not entirely her fault

So, those are the reasons why Gabi shouldn't be hated in the anime Attack on Titan. Do you agree on a number of reasons above? Or do you even hate Gabi? Share your opinions below and keep up with Gnotif for interesting articles about other anime!

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