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Webtoon Comic How To Fight : the story of a youtuber

Navigasi Game - webtoon is an application to read comics from Korea where we can read hundreds of comics made in South Korea and Indonesia as well as various other countries with color image quality and comic storylines that are not inferior to those made in Japan or America.

Komik Webtoon How To Fight
Comic Webtoon How To Fight

One of the comics in the webtoon that is interesting for us to participate in is a comic entitled how to fight a comic made by South Korea that is in great demand by readers around the world, including I also like the storyline that is unmatched. full of fantasy and close to the lives of today's youth.

How to fight is a comic from South Korea created by Park Teajoon and Kim junghyung which was first published on April 18, 2020 ago in the application reading wabtoon comics and the stories or chapters are always updated once a week now how to fight comics have reached chapter 83.

Storyline how to fight

The plot story of the comic how to fight is actually quite simple, which is very close to the lives of young people today, where their hobby is uploading videos they make on social networks like YouTube to make money.

It is told that there lived a loser named  yoo hobin who was poor and orphaned accompanied by a sickly mother.

In addition, the hobbyist also has a physique that is said to be thin so that in his school environment he often experiences bullying, especially by one of his friends who is a YouTube video content creator (youtuber) named Pakgo with a subscriber count of 700,000 people, it is certain that every minute he earns hundreds or even thousands of won. .

Yoo Hobbin is quite jealous and tormented about that because he becomes an experiment for Pakgo's YouTube content without any reward at all, even often getting hit by Pakgo until one day, greetings from a friend of Hobby's who is also a loser named Woo Jihyeok, who borrowed Hobby's mother's ID card to create a channel. YouTube.

However, when streaming videos at home, an embarrassing event occurred and they both didn't realize that the camera for streaming the video was still recording it, making the video watched by many people and making a lot of money. beat other youtubers.

Although the journey is not smooth and full of battles, but he also has a secret and a way to defeat each of his enemies that not many people know if you want to know what happens, just download the webtoon application on your android.

Thank you for visiting, hopefully it can be a reference for you to find reading comics for your boredom.

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