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Facts about Honekawa Suneo

Navigasi Game - Twisted and always up-to-date with the latest toys may be something that makes you jealous of this Suneo Honekawa figure.

As a regular character in "Doraemon" we inevitably have to see this annoying Suneo figure in almost every episode of the anime "Doraemon". Suneo also has a big enough role as the reason why Nobita always whines asking his friend's robot cat to bring out a tool or toy that he hopes can compete with the sophistication of Suneo's toys.

But wait, we won't discuss what Suneo did to bring down Nobita's dignity. We will discuss the facts behind Suneo's wealth that might make you more envious and envious, or even like Suneo's character because he is attractive and adorable.

Get on with it!

1 . His surname was written "Namekawa"

Japanese is really complicated. Many kanji are so similar that it is sometimes difficult to tell them apart. Likewise with the Suneo surname which should have been Honekawa (骨川) had a typo to Namekawa (滑川).

2. Suneo has never won in a fight against Nobita

Although sometimes he is cocky and looks down on Nobita, Suneo has never won a fight with Nobita. I don't know what if they have to compete with physical strength, but with Doraemon, Nobita is clearly invincible even by Giant.

3. Eleven-twelve with Nobita, Suneo  also not very smart

With his rich family, Suneo takes various lessons to support his future. But actually he is also not very smart, especially when compared to the versatile Dekisugi.

But for Giant who is not smart, Suneo's figure is like a walking encyclopedia.

4. Loves onion gratin and hates corn

Despite his twisted fortunes, Suneo doesn't necessarily choose fancy food as his favourite. She prefers onion gratins that can be cooked at home. Meanwhile, what he hates is food made from corn.

5. Have a sister

Maybe some of you think that Suneo is an only child. But of course not. Suneo actually has a younger brother by the name of Sunetsugu. His younger brother lives in America and was adopted by his uncle who lives there. Therefore, it is not surprising that you rarely encounter scenes where the Honekawa brothers are seen together.

6. An allowance of 10 thousand yen per month

In Japan, an elementary school child on average gets a pocket money of one thousand yen (Around Rp. 140 thousand) a month. This is little compared to the pocket money for elementary school children in Indonesia. However, this is natural because schools in Japan do not allow students to eat outside and provide lunch at school.

Well, it is different for the average elementary school student, Suneo who gets an allowance of 10 thousand yen. (approximately IDR 1 million 400 thousand) every month this proves that he really comes from a rich family.

7. His father is a director of a creative company?

In "Doraemon" it is always said that Suneo's father is a director of a company. But did you know that the company that Suneo's father manages is a creative company?

In one scene, Suneo once said that his father was busy with product design. I don't know what the product design is, but we can conclude that Suneo's father is a director in a creative company.

8. Narcissistic

Suneo who often spends time with Giant may not be too conspicuous to you. But behind that incongruity, it turns out that Suneo is very narcissistic.

In an episode, Suneo is told that he admired himself when he looked in the mirror. What are you trying to be less narcissistic about?

9. Arrogant but sensitive enough

Suneo is known for showing off and being arrogant. But that's only in his circle of friends. Apart from that Suneo is known to be kind and polite. It must also be the result of his parents' upbringing so that Suneo can also follow his path of success in business, and in society.

Those are interesting facts about Honekawa Suneo hope they can entertain you.

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